For Placements:

About Placement Cell

The placement cell works on an overall development of a student career, post his / her academic studies. Pillai HOC Placement Cell was initiated in Dec 2017. Past three year this cell is actively involved preparing students for placements and internships. We have significantly achieved satisfactory results with our student’s placements from 2017 to 2019. The placement cell handles two criterions,
  1. It actively arranges for the Fifth year pass outs, in identifying career post their academics.
  2. It identifies internship opportunities for the 7th semester students as per the Mumbai University guidelines.

The Key focus of placement cell is

  1. To prepare and guide students for corporate sectors post their academics education.
  2. Guiding students to prepare and organize their internship and placement portfolios.
  3. Individual training preparation with formal letter writing and speaking skills.
  4. Identifying different interview opportunities for the students.
  5. Managing and mediating the online and offline interview schedules.
  6. Constant help from the placement in- charges during the internship period.
  7. Constant communication with the several architects from different architectural forums, to establish student’s career development.

Academic Year Number of Students submitted Portfolios to Placement Cell Number of Students received Job Interviews Number of Students got placed
October 2017 (Internship) 20 18 16
June 2018 (Placement) 10 08 05
October 2018 (Internship) 50 44 35
June 2019 (Placement) 30 30 23
October 2019 (Internship) 55 55 42
June 2020 (Placement) In progress In progress In progress

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